About This Site

A cranberry morpheme is a part of a word whose meaning is long forgotten. What is the 'cran' that gives us 'cranberries?' This site is about the lost niches of policy-making. Launched in May 2013, this is a site dedicated to research essays on the nature of politics and language, both historical and current. It seeks to investigate the trends in international policy and highlight contemporary issues that shape our world. These are my cranberry letters from me to you.

About Me

My name is Patrick Welsh and I write on political and language issues throughout the globe, both contemporary and historical. I hold a Masters of Arts in International Affairs from Boston University where I specialized in European Studies, Policy & Theory. My 2013 MA thesis focused on fiscal decentralization and economic growth in Europe. I have always had a strong passion for politics and linguistics. 

My love of politics has been engendered from years of reading the newspaper and the lively political debates in my family. But while securing my BA in International Affairs, I had the fortune to become interested in Linear A and B. A side hobby culminated in a presentation on the state of decipherment of Linear A. The findings of which were, admittedly, amateurish, but my love of languages was born. I am always looking for new ways at looking at politics and languages. It takes a bit of coffee and a lot of tenacity but I make it work.