Answering "Creationist Linguistics"

A popular claim among Young Earth Creationists (YECs) is that historical linguistics proves, or at least supports, the Biblical claim that the earth is younger than 7000 years old. This argument is not taken seriously by the scholarly community. Unfortunately for the layman, however, linguists rarely pause to answer the various arguments YECs give. This becomes problematic when a well-intentioned reader stumbles upon "creationist linguistics" and finds no replies to the challenges they raise. In truth, linguists simply ignore them - but apologists spin the silence as proof that "secular" linguists don't have an answer. Indeed, I know of few replies to YECs that reflects scholarly consensus. This guide is here to help.

This page is in no way an attack on religion or Christianity. In fact, it's not an attack on Young Earth Creationism either. What this guide intends to do is root out the bad linguistics commonly parroted in psuedo-scientific journals and web pages. It is my intention to provide answers for the eager where no answers were found.

Note: If you find a YEC article, please pass it along to me in the Contact tab at the top. I may include a rebuttal on the site.

1. Duursma's "The Tower of Babel account affirmed by linguistics."

2. Hayes' "The Tower of Babel, Confusion of Tongues: Fact or Parable?"