Site redesign and new articles to read

Away with the old and in with the new, I always say. Unfortunately, when I redesigned the website I left out the old Twitter. I'll work on re-integrating it. Oh, and here's what I've been reading lately.

Cacciafoco's "Beyond Etymology: Historical Reconstruction and Diachronic Toponomastics through the Lens of a New Convergence Theory" (Acta Linguistica, 2014; Free; PDF). This is a great literature review of theories of pre-Indo-European Europe, covering linguistics, archaeology and genetics. If you are just starting, or you have any questions you're afraid to ask, there is zero excuse to not read the first six pages.

Fournet's "The Case of Berber: Some Reason to Doubt that Neolithic Expansion and Macro-Families Always Coincide" (The Macro-Comparative Journal, 2014; Free; PDF). Why the Berber subfamily spells trouble for the Nostraticists that include Afro-Asiatic.

Asatrian's "Nose in Armenian" (Iran and the Caucasus, 2014; $30). Both Armenian nasal etyma k'it' and pinc' are obscure. Yet bodypart lexemes are rarely borrowed. Whence came these unusual Armenian words?

Knook's "The Origins of words for pig and related pig-farming in Old and Middle Irish" (Unpublished thesis; 2014; Free; PDF). A very strong Bachelor's thesis paper and a fun paper all around.