Update a week later

I'm still alive! I've been furiously writing a piece to submit to several journals of historical linguistics. It's been a difficult but surmountable hurdle and I'm at the very tail end of it. The process has been hair-graying but extremely rewarding: these research projects always lead to immense swaths of brain food. The details of this project I will keep hidden under lock and key. I don't know if I will have a chance to say it at a later time (we shall see), but I wanted to publicly thank Professors and Linguists who have been extremely helpful and patient:

Benjamin Fortson of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

José Ignacio Hualde of the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Ranko Matasovic of the University of Zagreb

Sasha Nikolaev, formerly at Harvard University but now Boston University

Each one of them has been helpful in their own right, but especially Prof. Hualde, who was able to discuss Basque forms (not every linguist can lend a hand in that way!), and Prof. Nikolaev, who spent a good deal of time analyzing my musings during its earliest and most formative stages last year.