The Isolation of Hattic

Hattic is one of the echoes of the pre-historical era. A language of the Hattian people, a nation that never wrote, but whose impact was felt in the writings of the Hittites, a people who bordered them to the south. The Hattians were already in the twilight period by the time the Hittites mentioned them, and little of the Hattic language remains. What we know of the tongue survives tells us of a time before the Indo-Europeans arrived to the Fertile Crescent. A time long forgotten.

To show just how difficult it is to genetically identify a language, even in the most incipient stages, I thought it would be fun to give the lexicon of Hattic that we do know, and its semantic equivalents that would have been spoken to the east and west of Hattic. Basque is left-most because it was the westernmost tongue; Sumerian is right-most as it was the easternmost.

"mortal"hil-kizunβροτόςwalantalli (L.)zarimard*kw(e)d-
"land"*zeLaicel "soil" (E.)χέρσος*u̯atna-wurawarigetin*-el (suffix)gana
"deity"jainkoais (E.)θεός*šiu̯ātarshap/wenidi-k'*ɣrmat-dingir
"house"etxe*kataδῶμα*Pér-r / *Pr-n-ós welšelliagarak*(s)a-xl-bitum

Perhaps what just these few randomly chosen examples can demonstrate is just how dissimilar the languages of the ancient world really are. 


E. - Etruscan language

L. - Luvian language