Swadesh 100 of the Ancient World

In June I was working on compiling the Swadesh 100 lists of ancient languages of Eurasia. You can find the (unfinished) product here. With this list, you can find a lot of cool points of interest across these ancient families. You can see just how different two related families, such as Greek and Proto-Anatolian, can be on the surface. You can see how much one language has influenced another, such as Sumerian's influence upon virtually all the other tongues.

It is inadvisable to use the list as anything other than eyecandy: there are mistakes, formatting errors, and the whole thing is incomplete. But alas, I am too busy with work to complete it at this time. There are some really interesting results, however, that can't be found easily anywhere else; especially the Proto-Kartvelian lemmata exist only in Klimov and Fahnrich's two dictionaries, both of which are only available in physical print and Fahnrich's is in German Assembling the Proto-Kartvelian list was a real joy and I don't mean that sarcastically.

Hopefully I'll get back to this soon enough.