Native American language revitalization

I don't expect linguists to stay too abreast of language policy, but an interesting bill H.R. 5, the Student Success Act, has been re-introduced for the 114th Session by Rep. Kline of Minnesota (it was also H.R.5 in the 113th). H.R.5 is the new education policy bill. It passed the House last year but didn't make it through the Senate.

H.R.5 is probably the most controversial bill of February, but something no one is noticing is that the bill stipulates that education funds (granted by the U.S. government to states) must be given to tribal governments with the goal of instructing Native American languages (noticeably absent is any mention of English) with an explicit "goal of... fluency in a Native American language" (Title V. Sec. 5132. c.) with money spread around to Native American language revitalization programs.

Hopefully lawmakers are waking up to the language extinction going on and the need to preserve our cultural heritages.