Laissez-faire Linguist List

Here's a question: at what point is pseudo-science too outside the mainstream? I ask that because today I saw LinguistList's web resources page links to the Edenics webpage. 

LinguistList is sort of the back hub for linguists, both professor, student and amateur. They host the largest repository of linguistics resources and websites. LinguistList is sort of the directory of linguists for all. 

Now, because they simply catalog, you find a lot of varying quality among their sites, from top tier professor academic pages to a weirdo's page for silly people. Obviously some blogs are made by language enthusiasts which contain mistakes. Other pages are the pages of fringe linguistics theories. Hey, that's cool too. Fringe theorists keep the conversation going as well. 

But at what point does a theory cross the line? How about when a page is no longer about science but about religion masquerading as science? LinguistList links to the Edenics page. The Edenicists have no qualms about telling you that they believe all languages trace back to a "Garden of Eden" single language parent. Monogenesis is one thing, but these folks are the creationists of linguistics. Is this appropriate?